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2023 Tax Forms

In accordance with Federal requirements, Delta-T Group issues 1099 tax forms to document earnings generated during the tax year. Forms are mailed on January 31st.

Tax Year 2023 (IRS Form 1099-NEC)

This is for independent contractors and sole proprietors. If you meet the earnings threshold, we will issue you a 1099-NEC and mail it via United States Postal Service (USPS) on January 31st.

Accessing Your 1099 Tax Forms

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How do I access my 1099 tax form?

If you have met the earnings threshold (more than $600) requiring a tax form, you should receive your 1099 tax form via US Mail. Forms are sent out on January 31st.

If you have NOT received a mailed tax document, copies of your 1099 tax form for 2023 (and prior years) can be obtained by submitting a request through our Records Request Website.

Address Change During the Year

If your address has changed in the last 12 months, please make sure we have your updated address on file. Reach out to us and verify that we have your correct address on file so you receive your forms by mail. Contact your usual representative or use the contact information below.

If you have any questions please contact someone on our Remedy Team via: 888-704-8758 or
We are happy to assist. Or complete our online contact form.