FAQs for Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the most popular professionals. If there is a specific type of professional that is not listed, but it falls under one of our key represented areas (behavioral health, mental health, social work, education), we may still be able to refer such a professional to you. Please feel free to contact us and speak with one of our representatives to have a more in-depth discussion about your needs.

This can vary depending on the qualifications and your particular credentialing requirements. If it is a geographic area where a large candidate pool has already been established, a professional may be available that same day. It may take longer (several days or a week) depending on your specific requirements and the area where service is needed.
Delta-T Group provides referral services throughout the United States. We have permanent offices in 10 states (AZ, CT, MD, MA, NJ, MI, VA, PA, IL and CA) along with strategic regional support personnel in six more states (FL, GA, TN, MS, DE, TX).

Yes. It’s quick and easy to submit a request online. You can also send us a quick email and we will contact you.

Typically, these are the areas we would want to cover during our initial conversations:

  • Number of professionals needed
  • Credentials (degree, license, experience level)
  • Service location(s)
  • Credentialing requirements
  • Proposed hourly bill rate
  • Your point of contact(s) for service matters
Delta-T Group supports a wide range of professionals and types of facilities. Each can have their own credentialing requirements. Professionals referred can be credentialed to the level you require. Common credentialing steps can include criminal history searches, education and professional license verification, professional references and more. It is important for you to provide that information to Delta-T Group in writing so there is no miscommunication.

You determine all aspects of your relationship with a referred professional. You select the specific contractor(s) for each opportunity. And you reserve the right to discontinue an opportunity for any reason. There is no fee for terminating a contractor.

Your first line of help is to contact the recruiter or coordinator serving you. They are there to help you and provide customer service. If you cannot get satisfactory support from them, you are welcome to reach out to the following emails and phone number for more assistance.
Email: Legal@deltatg.com
Email: Leadership@deltatg.com
Phone: 800-251-8501 (Legal Department)