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Delta-T Group is a national broker and referral service for specialized types of healthcare professionals.  Our unique portfolio of services allows clients to access a strong team of professionals possessing a wide variety of experience and training while providing interesting opportunities for professionals.

Delta-T refers licensed and non-licensed professionals of varying degree and skill levels in the fields of social services, psychiatry, mental health, addictions treatment, allied therapies, radiology and pharmacy.  The Company's primary customers are hospitals, community mental health centers, outpatient treatment facilities and residential homes.

full-time, part-time, short or long term contract referrals of the following professionals:

     BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Social Workers
     BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Psychotherapists
     BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Addiction Counselors
     BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Residential Workers
     BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Mentors
     BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Case Managers
     BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Mobile Therapists
     BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Pharmacists
     BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Physical Therapists
     BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Occupational Therapists
BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Psychiatrists
BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Psychologists
BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Behavioral Specialists
BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Mental Health Counselors
BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Therapeutic Socialization
BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Vocational Counselors
BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Behavioral Specialists
BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Psychiatric Nurses
BallPurp.gif (926 bytes) 
Radiology Technicians
BallPurp.gif (926 bytes)  Speech Therapists

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