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Search Tips

To make the best use of this search function, enter data as precisely and accurately as you can; the more sure of what you are looking for, the more precisely you should inquire. First select either NAME for a specific link, or part of the link description, or CATEGORY for a type of link. For example, if you want a listing of all the restaurant links, simply select the CATEGORY button and type "restaurants". If you are looking for Bob's Grill, select NAME and type "Bob's Grill".

If a name search does not yield results, try widening your search. If your not sure whether your looking for "Bob's Grill" or "Bob's Grill and Sandwich Shop" then try entering simply "Bob", and "Bob's Grill" will come up - along with every other entry containing the letters "bob". Conversely, if you are flooded with results from an inquiry, try narrowing your search. If typing "bob" results in a screen full of entries, try "bob's grill" to narrow the field. Remember, you want to be as precise in your inquiry as possible without losing accuracy, and as accurate as possible without losing precision. Confusing isn't it!

If searching for a particular category does not yield any results, try possible alternate category names. For instance, if searching for the category "Tuna" does not produce any answers, then try "seafood" instead.

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