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Search Tips

To use the search function, first select a search option - either 'name' for a specific organization or business name, or 'category' for a type of organization or business. For example, if you want a listing of all the restaurants in the area, simply select the category button and type "restaurant" in the text box.

If searching for a particular category doesn't give any results, try an alternate category name. For instance, if searching by the category "restaurant" doesn't return any listings, then try "dining" instead.

If you're looking for a specific restaurant's name, and you know the name, select name and type in the name - for example, "Joe's Grill".

If the name search doesn't find any listings, try again being less specific. In the Joe's Grill example, type in 'joe' or 'grill'. Be careful of apostrophies - they're often left out when business names are entered into the Portal Directory, and their inclusion or omission in your search text can cause erroneous results.


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